Career Transition

Commonly known as outplacement services, our team specializes in working with organizations going through change.

Career Transition Services

We recognize that your people are your most important investment. They’re your brand advocates and your source for attracting new talent. This is why it is important to choose an outplacement partner who is experienced working with organizations going through changes such as consolidations, downsizing, mergers, and acquisitions. No matter what your needs may be, Ahria’s people-focused approach ensures positive outcomes for your brand and for your departing and remaining employees.

What Makes us Different

As an industry leader and trusted advisor for close to 30 years, we have perfected our approach to career transitions. Clients confirm our reputation for providing more results-oriented individual consulting services than any other local, national, or global firm. Our years of experience gives you a team of experts to help with planning, communication, and execution of separations that lessen adverse consequences, mitigate risk, and protect your reputation and brand. Our participant engagement rates of 95% assure you that your separated employees are looking forward instead of looking back. To that end, they are less litigious and are re-employed more quickly — meaning less risk for you and your brand.

We provide comprehensive outplacement services with strict confidence and integrity. Our consultants are ready to provide tailored career advice to all levels of personnel, from entry-level employees, managers, and senior professionals to C-suite executives and CEOs. Each candidate is assigned a primary career consultant to coach them through the transition process.

Our Approach

Each individual’s career transition is a unique journey. Ahria consultants provide a wide array of services and personalized, tailored consulting to position individuals for future success as they transition to new jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, or active retirement. We guide individuals through the process of evaluating their career, skills, and interests and develop goals for career planning and job-search training. 

Our A+ Approach™  is anchored with a dedicated personal career coach who works with clients to help them to accept their circumstances, learn and engage in their career decisions, and quickly find their next career opportunity. 

Our proprietary model is unique to the career transition industry. More importantly, it yields results.

  • Over 80% of our candidates land positions of equal or greater compensation 
  • 96% of our candidates are highly satisfied — Ahria has the highest “very satisfied” rating
  • We are proud of our exceptionally high global Net Promoter Score of +78

Scalable Programs

Since 1990, Ahria has been helping organizations in every industry to meet their career transition and outplacement needs. Program configurations range from group workshops to highly personalized programs for employees at all levels. Recognizing that not all organizations and individuals have the same needs, Ahria takes pride in tailoring services to get exactly the right fit.

Local and Global Reach

Leading organIzations partner with Ahria because of our ability to provide consistent high-quality results. As the Southwestern Ontario equity partner firm of Career Partners International (a business with over 250 locations and 2,000 consultants, operating in 50 countries), we can facilitate professional service delivery throughout the province, country and the globe. More importantly, we have access to (and have helped build) the very latest cutting edge technology and programs to support career transitions.

Entrepreneurial Program

Many individuals at a career crossroad would like to explore the potential of being an entrepreneur. Whether starting a business, buying an existing business, or purchasing a franchise, being one’s own boss has a lot of appeal. Ahria can help individuals begin to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. Our experienced coaches and unique proprietary system connect transitioning employees to information about self-employment, helping them make an educated choice.

New Horizons® Retirement Program

Retirement is a period of transition during which individuals refocus and rebalance their lifestyles to align with their personal circumstances. Retirement Options, an Ahria Consulting program for the mature workforce, helps employees prepare for the next chapters of their lives and it helps employers prepare for a changing workforce.

Employees in the program evaluate their readiness for retirement and strategically plan for a future aligned with their changing lifestyle. Even those who will be leaving one career for another full-time commitment gain robust insights. No matter where a person is in readiness or transition into retirement, it is not too late to begin building a plan or improving upon one that is already in place.

Employers find the program marries their need for workforce planning with the employees’ need to think about next steps. By engaging employees and the organization in a meaningful conversation, we promote the dialogue and planning that drives better outcomes for all.

Information Technology Support - PowerMyCareer™

PowerMyCareer™ is our answer to the complex job search process that candidates face. This proprietary powerful web-based tool simplifies the job search and allows individuals to build and implement an effective strategy that ensures the best outcome for them. When coupled with our extensive team of consultants, this tool enables clients to reach for even higher goals.  And rest assured, this tool augments our signature one-on-one consulting with clients, it never replaces it. 

The PowerMyCareer™ portal provides in-depth resources to conduct a job search. It has links to the hottest job search sites as well as a direct feed of job leads customized to the individual’s personal search criteria and proven job search resources tailored to specific industries, professions and geographies.

Using PowerMyCareer™, participants can work from anywhere, at any time, progressing at their own pace, controlling their own schedules, and maintaining the critical momentum needed to identify and achieve their job search objectives.

The interactive dashboard, which can be customized to user preferences, offers educational content about employment and access to a variety of useful tools. The self-assessment tool identifies strengths, interests, and career goals, giving the individual a strong foundation on which to develop a personal marketing campaign. The resume builder tool challenges participants to create a resume that will uniquely position them among the competition.

Reporting Capabilities for Employers

Ahria Consulting provides embedded business intelligence analytics and reporting on the progress of your transitioning employees with PowerMyCareer™ Client Dashboards and On-Demand Reporting. With just a few simple clicks, you can access historical data and crucial information that make it easier to track your return on investment. 

“My consultant really focused on results and outcomes, not just issues that people dealt with…The process really prepares the person well for making a good first impression and goes well beyond just getting the job.  There is continued follow-up to ensure it’s the right job, a good fit and a happy customer. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone. Thank-you Ahria!”

– Career Transition Client


“I would like to thank you and all of the staff at Ahria for making me feel so comfortable in what I sensed to be a positive caring team! As you know I was feeling down when we first met but my anxiety from losing my job began gradually to disappear and be replaced by inspired hope for a brighter future ahead. There is a positive and contagious energy in your office that I sensed and experienced. Thank you all…!

– Career Transition Client

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