Complimentary Career Transition Resources

Tools to Assist Your Job Search

Through our global partnership, we are able to provide you with access to Best Practice Job Search Tools.

Strategic Job Search: Orientation Guide

Top 10 Keys to a Successful Job Search

Mindset Matters

Career Resilience

Virtual Networking – Tips for Success

Tips for Virtual Interviews

If you require additional support, we also offer low cost transition support to individuals. Please call our office at 519 642 2612 and select 1 for Terry Gillis.

Additional information on our Career Transition services is available here.

Tackling New Job Search Challenges

This webinar highlights the new realities of looking for work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just a few short weeks ago, it was an employees’ market where opportunities were plentiful and there were many opportunities to choose from.  Today, it seems as though all opportunities have dried up.  But keeping in mind that business is still operating, we know that there are opportunities to be found.

We will focus your attention on what has changed and more importantly, how you can position yourself for opportunities and outsmart your competition (i.e.,the ones NOT on this webinar).  In this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Understand how to stand out in a crowded talent market
  • Learn about tools that can make more impact in your job search
  • Improve your ability to scan the job market to find the right fit
  • Connect with folks in similar situations and share experiences and insights

The webinar recording is available here.

Supporting Your Transition

With the rapid onset of social distancing and shut down of many places of work, many employees are finding their employment situation changing drastically.  Where some are moving to virtual teams, many are facing an undetermined period of job loss.

In and of itself, job loss is one of life’s biggest stressors.  Coupled with a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, many people are feeling an unparalleled amount of stress.

And we are here to help.

Career Transition support has many different forms, and everyone has different needs.  In this webinar, we highlight:

  • how individuals can regain control of their situation
  • how individuals can refocus on the next steps for their career
  • available resources for individuals facing job loss
  • how to find opportunities when the world seems shut down

If you, one of your employees, or someone you know is facing temporary or permanent job loss, please check our this webinar recording by clicking here.