COVID-19 Information and Resources

Hiring in a Virtual World

COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR – Thursday, April 2  2:30 PM

As organizations switch gears in response to the global pandemic, HR functions and roles will look significantly different. One such process is acquiring talent, with HR adopting virtual platforms and changing the way people are hired.

While virtual screening and interviewing are not new concepts (and many organizations have used technology in the past to their advantage as they scoured for global talent) for many organizations, this is a new reality.  We know the future of Talent Acquisition is going to be highly technology based; this crisis has simply accelerated its arrival.

Want to learn how to hire virtually? Join us to hear about:

  • Best practices in virtual recruitment
  • Video and telephone interviewing
  • Virtual onboarding practices
  • Technology platforms that can help

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Tackling New Job Search Challenges

COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR: Wednesday April 1   2.30 PM

This interactive webinar will highlight the new realities of looking for work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just a few short weeks ago, it was an employees’ market where opportunities were plentiful and there were many opportunities to choose from.  Today, it seems as though all opportunities have dried up.  But keeping in mind that business is still operating, we know that there are opportunities to be found.

We will focus your attention on what has changed and more importantly, how you can position yourself for opportunities and outsmart your competition (i.e.,the ones NOT on this webinar).  In this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Understand how to stand out in a crowded talent market
  • Learn about tools that can make more impact in your job search
  • Improve your ability to scan the job market to find the right fit
  • Connect with folks in similar situations and share experiences and insights

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Supporting Employee Transition

With the rapid onset of social distancing and shut down of many places of work, many employees are finding their employment situation changing drastically.  Where some are moving to virtual teams, many are facing an undetermined period of job loss.

In and of itself, job loss is one of life’s biggest stressors.  Coupled with a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, many people are feeling an unparalleled amount of stress.

And we are here to help.

Career Transition support has many different forms, and everyone has different needs.  In this webinar, we will highlight:

  • how individuals can regain control of their situation
  • how to refocus on next steps in their career
  • available resources for individuals facing job loss
  • how to find opportunities when the world seems shut down

If you, one of your employees, or someone you know is facing temporary or permanent job loss, please join us. To view this webinar recording please click here.

Making the Most of Working from Home

With the rapid movement of many employees to be working from home, many have entered uncharted waters. Routines have been upset, daily cadence of activities upended and the feeling of being part of something bigger than oneself risks being swept away in this sea of change.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this webinar, we will highlight some excellent tips to help workers settle into a new routine of working from home. We will focus on how to:
• stay connected with co-workers (and the organization)
• establish boundaries between work and home life
• address distractions inherent in working from home
• maintain productivity and accountability
• feel fulfilled by work that feels a little more lonely than normal

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How to Manage Virtual Teams and Remote Work

The world of work is going virtual. Whether it is in response to a virus pandemic or a futuristic human capital decision, allowing employees to work and contribute virtually does present interesting challenges. All areas of leadership, be it performance coaching, guidance, problem-solving, can look challenging when you manage from a distance. This 30-minutes webinar will help you prepare yourself for the new world of work- where not just the desktop, but the desk itself won’t exist.

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Navigating through COVID-19: The Role of HR

Public concern about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is growing, and while not all concerns are based in science, we must all be prepared to protect the health of our employees while serving customers with excellence. At Ahria Consulting, we are ready¸ willing and equipped to provide guidance to you and your organization. Join us for this webinar where we talk about issues such as:
• providing employees with sound communication
• establishing COVID-19 protocols for facilities and employees
• addressing employee time off considerations, and
• disaster recovery plans,

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This workshop was delivered in partnership with techalliance of Southwestern Ontario.

Leadership in Turbulent Times

In the last few days and weeks, the world economy has experienced a significant jolt driven primarily through Coronavirus and to some degree by collapsing oil prices.  Wall Street has witnessed significant losses as businesses begin to pull back and, in some cases, shut down temporarily. And personal travel plans, social gatherings and opportunities to come together in this chaotic time period are limited.

Employees place high expectations on leadership in turbulent times and look to those leaders to inspire confidence.  At the same time, leaders may be experiencing their own stress as they try to navigate the labyrinth of information critical to making solid business decisions.

In this webinar, we will focus on how leaders show up with our teams in such times. We will focus on the key things to be mindful of like instilling trust, inspiring confidence and providing open communication. Participants will get a quick snapshot of what they can do as leaders to truly make a difference for their organizations and in the lives of their employees.

To view this webinar recording click here.

This workshop was delivered in partnership with techalliance of Southwestern Ontario.