Disrupt HR


Attend a unique event that helps you think differently and leaves you feeling inspired. Learn the latest from industry expert CEOs, technologists, and community leaders. 

“We are proud to bring this worldwide movement to London Ontario because we know London can use a little disruption when it comes to the people side of business.  We hope to push a few buttons each year and make sure people leave with some new ideas and perspectives”

–  Terry Gillis, CEO, Ahria 

So What is DisruptHR?

DisruptHR is built on the belief that how we’ve approached people and talent in the past won’t be the best way to approach them in the future. DisruptHR is founded on the idea that ALL business leaders (and that includes you) need to be ready to take some risks, to stir the pot…in short, to DISRUPT. Now covering the globe in over 200 locations!

What’s the deal, anyway?

Ahria has held the London and area event license for Disrupt HR since 2017. This year marked the third time DisruptHR has happened in London Ontario. Each Disrupt event provides for an engaging evening of spirited, focused presentations by local (and sometimes not-so-local) professionals who will share their disruptive ideas on how to move our collective thinking forward when it comes to leadership and talent. We’re taking the brilliance of TED Talks, adding a pinch of energy from Ignite events, finishing it with a dash of “talent” and giving each speaker 5 minutes to blow your mind on topics relevant to the human experience in the workplace! No, you don’t have to be in HR to attend. In fact, Disrupt talks have been given and attended by C-Suite Leaders, Technologists, Restaurateurs, Students, Politicians…and, yes, even a few HR Professionals.

14 speakers, 5 minutes each, and slides rotate every 15 seconds. Teach us something but make it quick.


Should I attend?

DisruptHR is a high-energy idea forum designed to inform and empower executives, business leaders, people in the human resources field and anyone, really, who is passionate about people.
It’s hosted in a funky venue with a relaxed atmosphere and full of like-minded people. If you missed this year’s event, stay tuned for the next one.

Disrupt 2019

The third annual London and area Disrupt was held at the International Test Pilot School (did you know London had a Test Pilot School?) and featured 12 fabulous speakers.

Stay tuned for some great pics from the evening. Our third Disrupt event was co-hosted by Carswell Partners (now Ahria) and TMD.

DisruptHR 2018

The second annual London and area DisruptHR took place at the Canadian Centre for Product Validation where more than 225 attendees gathered on September 19, 2018. Hosted among the backdrop of the venue’s sophisticated industrial product testing facility, DisruptHR 2.0 focused on the creative, new, and exciting side of human resources development and practice – The Rebellious Future of HR. Alex Benson, Western University Professor, presented “The Rise & Fall of Narcissistic Leaders”. Other presentations included “Don’t Talk to Me (I’m Busy Leading)“, “Lessons from the GWL Agile Journey”, “The Importance of Glitter in the Workplace”, and many more from the region’s top human resources and leadership professionals. Disrupt HR 2018 was again co-hosted by Carswell Partners and Sheffar Potter Muchan.

DisruptHR 2017

The inaugural London and area DisruptHR took off from the London Aircraft Museum on September 13, 2017 and it landed with an enthusiastic response. 14 fabulous speakers engaged a crowd of over 150 attendees and the resounding feedback was that we must do this again. Carswell Partners and Sheffar Potter Muchan were the proud co-hosts of the inaugural event.

“DisruptHR 2017 was a fantastic event! The format was punchy, fast paced, and impactful. The broad range of engaging speakers spanned corporate, philanthropic, and public sector content and views. Great learnings from all of the speakers and plenty of opportunities to network and discuss your experience of the sessions with the large and engaged audience. Looking forward to next year’s event! Great content, people and location!”
– DisruptHR 2017 Attendee

“Awesome event! Thank you for taking the initiative to do something interesting in the HR community! Let’s do it again.”
– 2017 DisruptHR attendee

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