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At Ahria Consulting (formerly Carswell Partners), we believe that the strength of an organization comes from its people. We inspire individuals to thrive, leaders to excel, and organizations to build exceptional cultures where employees are engaged, empowered, and excited to work.

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With 30 years of industry experience, Ahria Consulting is a leading talent management firm transforming the way organizations work. We continuously innovate and refine our approach to human resources and ensure that we implement the highest standards for our clients.

HR Advisory

We offer flexible, creative, and innovative human resource (HR) solutions through various channels to help support your business needs.

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Increase your confidence and effectiveness in your recruitment, promotion, talent and organizational development strategies.

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Talent Acquisition

We offer customized, cost effective and results-focused solutions to address critical and time sensitive recruitment needs.

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Our coaches are ready to help you achieve goals and create a path to success that aligns with your organization’s needs and objectives.

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Talent Development

Create the capacity, resilience, and competencies needed to achieve business goals and gain competitive advantage.

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Career Transition

Ensure positive outcomes for both your departing and remaining employees while also protecting your organization’s reputation.

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Leadership Culture Engagement

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HR Advisory


Talent Acquisition

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Talent Development

Career Transition

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