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Terry Talks

Part 2: The Great Resignation – The Employee

On the second part of The Great Resignation Terry Talk, Terry discusses The Employee and how to prepare if you're deciding to exit your current role.

Part 1: The Great Resignation – The Employer

Why is everyone wanting to leave? Terry discusses exactly what employers are experiencing during The Great Resignation and what they can do to avoid losing their talent.

Navigating Change

Labour Day brings with it the sense of a fresh start, a new day, a new beginning -- but it can also bring additional stress, worries and change. With back to school, back to work and constantly being bombarded with news that doesn't always paint the brightest picture it can add stress. In this week's Terry Talk, Terry discusses some tips to help navigate change and help us to take on these challenges better.

The Importance of Taking a Vacation

Take the time to turn things off and enjoy the beauty around you.


With the recent call to dissolve parliament and the federal election, Terry discusses the platform of job creation and if job creation really is the root cause of the problem we're facing in organizations.

Part 6: The Grand Reopening – The Need for Empathy

Terry discussed the need for empathy in times of uncertainty, specifically, the three types of empathy we can all use throughout our day-to-day lives.