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Terry Talks

Part 4: The Grand Reopening – Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety ensures your employees feel safe to be who they are...continuing our discussion on The Grand Reopening and how organizations can prepare themselves to enter, yet again, a new working landscape.

Part 3: The Grand Reopening – Culture

Let's talk about culture and get to the 'why' of your organization. What's your organization's purpose?

Part 2: The Grand Reopening – Trust

Continuing the conversation around The Grand Reopening and a post pandemic world, this week's Terry Talk focuses on Trust.

Part 1: The Grand Reopening

The Grand Reopening of Ontario and the full effect of the pandemic on organizations will take time to sort out and isn't going to be be solved over night, which means a series of Terry Talks specifically dedicated to The Grand Reopening and all aspects that should be considered.

Desuckify Work

Let’s find out the Why.

Celebrating Pride Month and Embracing Diversity

June celebrates both Pride month and National Indigenous History Month, sparking the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion the workplace.