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Terry Talks

Ready For The Storm?

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. This week's Terry Talk focuses on this sentiment and how it relates to the upcoming recession. Are you and your organization ready for the seismic shifts that come with a recession? Big changes are coming like a freight train, so workforce planning is key. Keeping your talent strong and future-proofing your brand is critical to long-term success.


The recent Rogers internet outage has affected many across the country, yet Rogers has yet to explain what exactly happened. An event like this shatters customer's trust -- and this week's Terry Talk discusses why trust is so vital for an organization's long-term success and how businesses can effectively build and maintain trust. Learn about how Rogers' example can serve as an example of how an organization's trust is easy to break and difficult to rebuild.

Kristy McQueen Insights

Let's talk matters of mindset. This week's Terry Talk looks at insights from our newest team member, Kristy McQueen after a rough day at the airport. In both leadership in the workplace, and in life, mindset is everything. When we choose kindness and joy - life will become a whole lot more enjoyable. What insights can you bring forward from Kristy's post to help transform your workplace this week?

Career Transition

Let's talk "outplacement". In this week's Terry Talk, Terry addresses the importance and purpose of career transition support when the employment relationship ends. We know that employees look for organizations that care - especially when it comes time to making difficult decisions. Learn how providing career transition is not only beneficial for the departing employee, but for your organization.

Engagement … Again!

It's time to talk about engagement ... again! In this week's Terry Talk, Terry revisits the important topic of engagement, and how employee engagement is vital to the health and culture of an organization. Learn about an interesting article published by the Harvard Business Review, and how employee engagement can be measured!

Best Places to Work

In this week's Terry Talk, Terry discusses how to make your workplace a great place to be by keeping employees engaged and increasing retention. Learn about employee engagement, culture, and leadership, and how these aspects must be levelled for organizational success.