Manager as Coach Learning Series™ (MACLS)

The Competitive Advantage

With a clear understanding of your organization's unique situation, Ahria can provide a flexible and tailored strategy to address your development needs and engage your leadership team. We believe that organizational success is driven in large part by developing ‘managers’ into ‘leaders’ through a coaching lens. There is ample research that supports this:

Increased Engagement

Organizations that effectively prepare leaders to coach are 130% more likely to realize stronger results and 33% better at engaging employees (Bersin & Associates).

Revenue Growth

Companies where employees feel both motivated and “enabled” (through coaching) can achieve up to 4.5 times more revenue growth (Hay Group).

High Performance Environment

Creating an environment that supports high performance is among the strongest correlations with employee engagement levels, yet less than half of employees (49%) agree that their leaders do this (Blessing White, Inc.).

Create a Coaching Culture

Organizations reporting “excellent” cultural support for the coaching experience realize stronger business results and 39% stronger employee results such as engagement, productivity and customer service (Bersin & Associates).

Leaders that Coach

Organizations whose senior leaders “very frequently” make an effort to coach others have 21% higher business results (Bersin & Associates).

Retain Top Employees

With high levels of employee engagement, companies can experience revenue growth of up to 2.5 times that of others and up to a 40% reduction in turnover (Hay Group).

Manager as Coach Learning Series™

The Manager as Coach Learning Series (MACLS) provides an opportunity for leaders at all levels of your organization to develop their coaching skills, become more effective coaches, and create a coaching culture within your company. MACLS participants learn the language, skills, and process to conduct coaching conversations that successfully improve performance and enhance engagement of employees. MACLS provides a comprehensive approach to support the learning efforts of its participants. Our approach is personal, collaborative, and strategic.

The MACLS goal is to enhance the ability of leaders to:


their potential in developing, engaging, and managing the performance of others


excellent communication skills


the talent needed to achieve the organization’s business outcomes


high performance at all levels through the adoption and use of proven techniques and skills


accountability to execute and achieve goals

MACLS includes:

Planning with Program Sponsor(s)

Live Launch Session

Training Sessions (virtually or in person)

Mid-Point Check-ins

Program Evaluation

All Supporting Materials

Optional Coaching Hours

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