As the dead of winter settles in, further pandemic lockdowns take hold, and binge-watching Netflix shows sadly becomes a favourite past time, I found myself (re) watching “The Hunger Games” trilogy.  While these movies are pure fantasy, Suzanne Collins (the author of the books) provides us with some interesting glimpses into the human psyche.

Perhaps the most compelling character in the movies is President Snow.  You don’t have to have read the books or have seen the movie to appreciate the following quote.

“Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.”

How very true those words are. 

Hope is what kept the UK out of Nazi Germany’s hands. 

Hope is what kept people glued to their TV sets during the Apollo 13 crisis. 

Hope is what helped bring down the Berlin wall. 

Hope is what carried us through the tragedy of 911. 

Hope is what is helping us all endure a rather painful pandemic and the toll it has taken on the human spirit everywhere.

Every day, around the world, people meet new challenges in their work lives.  From the individual who has just been informed they are no longer employed to the executive who realizes they are lagging in their ability to lead.  Challenges abound.

For many, the first reaction is fear. 

Fear of failing.

Fear of financial hardship. 

Fear of loss.

Fear leads to panic.  Flight or fight reactions take over, pumping precious blood to the muscles and away from the brain.  In the end, with fear in charge, your brain and cognitive functioning are starved of the resources they need at a critical time.

But hope helps and endures.

And every day, around the world, the thousands of men and women in the talent management field provide expert advice and support to countless individuals with work-related challenges.  So, if you are facing turmoil in your career, be it through unexpected job loss or perceived failure at work, do not lose hope for a better tomorrow.  There are many professionals standing by to give you hope and turn that into action – Reach out to one today.