The brave new world of super-commuters

With more companies embracing hybrid work, what it takes to live and work in separate places is changing  When VIA Rail and various officials were […]
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Say hello to the triple peak day

A new “three peak” working day is on the rise. But is this more efficient or more likely to burn you out? You can understand […]
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Should your brand be on Threads?

Threads is breaking the Internet. But does it have staying power? Things have not been going especially well at Twitter over the last few months, […]
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Say hello to leadership-as-a-service

Falling somewhere between advisor and interim executive, fractional executives are having a moment Gigification has fed its way up the food chain and is knocking […]
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Make way for the digital nomads

Canada aims to attract remote workers with new digital nomad visa In late June, Canadian immigration minister Sean Fraser announced that Canada was going to […]
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Take naps at work. Apologize to no one

Research suggests napping at work can make you better at your job Few bosses and managers, you might imagine, would likely be all that thrilled […]
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