Manager as Coach Learning Series™ (MACLS)

The Manager as Coach Learning SeriesTM (MACLS) provides an opportunity for leaders at all levels of your organization to develop their coaching skills, become more effective coaches, and create a coaching culture within your company.

Research supports that organizational success is fuelled by the adoption of a coaching approach. Benefits you can expect from this program include improved leadership performance which in turn contributes to enhanced employee engagement, staff retention, and overall improvements in organizational performance.

This learning series is most is applicable for individuals that are established leaders with a strong foundation of effective leadership skills supported by an organization looking to enhance or sustain a coaching culture by developing “managers” into “leaders” through a coaching lens.

In addition to the three-core full day sessions the MACLSTM is further supported by a launch session, two facilitated virtual check-in sessions, establishment of small coaching groups and a final “commit” session where the small coaching groups are transitioned to your internal team. This program is carefully structured through three phases over a four-to-six-month period to provide for a sustainable learning approach that offers a significant return on your investment and long-term benefits for your organization. This extended duration allows for a comprehensive exploration of key concepts and critical coaching skills, enabling participants to internalize and apply their newfound knowledge effectively.

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