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New Year, New Chances

With only a few more days left before we enter 2022 – we wanted to know… …do you ever find yourself living the past? In […]
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What makes someone truly successful?

It was one of those afternoons.  It seemed like everyone on the team needed a quick break so we all huddled around the coffee pot.  […]
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Where have all the leaders gone?

This book was a fascinating read a few years back, written by Lee Iacocca, around the time of George Bush’s presidency. His rallying call at […]
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The Importance of Anti-Fragility

…or Why You Shouldn’t Worry if You Get Mud on Your Face. I was watching my niece’s two-year-old, Clarke, go down a sticky slide on […]
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Why Covid has taught leaders to value people over profits

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of maintaining employees’ trust rather than just protecting shareholders’ bank balances, says Lynne Hardman We have now been living […]
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Spring LD6 – Managing Change

Implementing change is a challenge for any organization and, by extension, for any leader. This virtual workshop will provide managers with a set of skills […]
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