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Terry Talks

Quiet Firing

Join Terry for a discussion about quiet firing, whether you are the employee or the employer we want to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below

Salary Reviews

On this Terry Talk - Terry discusses the importance of salary reviews and the importance of ensuring salaries match the needs of the organization.


This week's Terry Talk covers the topic of Overemployment. Overemployment has been around for many years but has recently been popular in the news. This is different than a side hustle - it's taking on a second full-time job! Join Terry as he discusses the ins and outs of overemployment and value in the workplace.

Desuckify Work Revisited

This week's Terry Talk covers a topic that we have previously discussed: Desuckify Work. Why are we revisiting this topic? Because summer 2022 has uncovered a lot of negative things about our workplaces. The recent firing of Lisa LaFlamme, the need for a disconnect from work policy, and mass terminations via Zoom have proven that many workplaces and practices really ... suck! Desuckify Work is all about making workplaces better, and who wouldn't want a better place to work? It's time to make our workplaces better! To get your copy of Desuckify Work, visit https://buff.ly/3qBClZi.

Quiet Quitting

'Quiet Quitting' is the latest workplace trend affecting employees worldwide. It used to go by many different names, such as disengagement or discretionary effort. Quiet quitting means that the little extra effort given by employees is eliminated; employees are just doing their job and going home. This trend has huge implications for workforce productivity, and low employee engagement is estimated to cost $8 trillion globally annually! A record number of employees in 2022 report feeling emotionally detached from work. The issue lies in how employees are managed or coached and unhealthy culture. Leadership, or a lack thereof, is largely responsible for this. So, leadership development needs commitment and investment. Leaders build a great culture, which can counter quiet quitting and employee disengagement.

Good Career Transition Support

This week's Terry Talk covers a great article by Vice entitled 'Business is Booming for Layoff Specialists.' According to Vice, layoffs overwhelm tech sectors, and HR departments are left 'scrambling.' Mass layoffs are new to many companies, and they may need help. Career transition forms are meant to protect everyone's brand - the company brand, the management's brand, and the individual's brand. Large layoffs have been handled poorly by some large companies, thus affecting their brand. Ahria Consulting's career transition specialists can help organizations succeed in laying off employees to protect the brand and individual.