It was one of those afternoons. 

It seemed like everyone on the team needed a quick break so we all huddled around the coffee pot.  During the usual catch up on everyone’s day, we started talking about success.  Specifically, what makes someone truly successful?

What is that one thing that really sets a successful person apart from those that are just making it or that may not be successful at all?

So, we got to thinking about that.  The one thing that really successful people have in common is they all seem to have a vast network of people with whom they can connect.  I think back to my own father, who was a meek, mild mannered accountant who worked for the federal government.  Here’s a guy that most people would not like, in fact, I might argue a lot of people may despise – “the taxman”.  Yet, at my father’s funeral several years ago, people lined up out the door of the funeral home just to have a quick moment to pay there condolences to myself and my family.  I thought “Wow.  How incredible is that?” 

I had no idea that my father had such a far and wide network of people with whom he connected with.  And then when I thought about all of the things that he achieved in his life, I suspect it was in part, because he knew so many people.  His ability to connect with others and being connected to so many different people allowed him to reach many of his goals which were primarily focused on helping out those less fortunate.

When you think about this premise of connectivity and success, it makes a lot of sense.  If you need help with something, it’s a whole lot better to have a bunch of people that you can tap into rather than just relying on one or two close friends.  It doesn’t matter what it is – imagine if you didn’t really have much of a network.  How much would you accomplish?  How happy would you be? 

We’re willing to bet that those people who are successful are the ones that are highly connected.

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